Analyzing and Visualizing the model output

1.) Set the appropriate record length depending on the platform, i.e. change nrec in the routines Main.f, Main_ex (for explicit time integration) and Main_std (for semiimplicit time integration) in dclib as well as in the routines inidc.f and zobu.f.
(This step can be skipped if the appropriate nrec has been chosen for the previous run.)

2.) For post-processing the model-output call make -zobu.exe or make -hegrads.exe

3.) Run zobu.exe or hegrads.exe to create Data files and follow instructions

4.) If the kmcm model suite is installed the first time on your platform
the visualization software GrADS should be installed.

5.) Use GrADS to draw any pictures out of Data files

GrADS Home Page