Division Optical Soundings

Institute building at Kühlungsborn with the green laser beam of the RMR lidar

Main objective of the IAP division Optical Soundings is the groundbased optical sounding of the middle and upper atmosphere (stratosphere, mesosphere, lower thermosphere) und the scientific interpretation of the processes in these atmospheric regions, but also tropospheric processes are investigated. The lidar instrument (LIDAR = Light Detection and Ranging) and in-situ detectors on board of stratospheric balloons are the famous experimental methods used by our division. The lidar allows the active groundbased  long-term determination of various atmospheric components and parameters within the altitude range of about 0-120 km altitude. Another important goal of our work is the modelling and theoretical interpretation of experimentally observed processes.

Until 2007 also in-situ measurements with sounding rockets have been performed within this division of IAP. Since 2008 the observations with sounding rockets are part of the re-structured division Radar Soundings and Sounding Rockets (Head: Prof. Dr. Jorge L. Chau).

Head of Department

Prof. Dr. F.-J. Lübken


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