Fields of research

Main topics

  • Dynamics of the mesosphere and lower thermosphere at different latitudes (Derivation of mean fields of wind and temperature and their variability due to atmospheric waves) [more]
  • Investigation of mesospheric VHF-radar echoes at polar and middle latitudes ((P)MSE and (P)MWE) [more]
  • Trend analyses of atmospheric and ionospheric parameters of the mesosphere and thermosphere for the investigation of possible anthropogenic influences upon the Earth's atmosphere [more]
  • Atmospheric gravity waves in tropo-, strato-, and mesosphere (Climatology of characteristic parameters, case studies, coupling between different atmospheric regions) [more]
  • Influences of solar activity changes (11-yearly solar cycle and high energy particle fluxes) upon the Earth's atmosphere [more]
  • Development of optimal measuring methods for the derivation of atmospheric parameters from radar observations and their comparison with in-situ and other remote sensing methods, contributions to validation of satellite experiments [more]
  • Turbulence in the mesosphere [more]
  • NLC/PMSE microphysics [more]
  • Dust in the mesosphere [more]

Other topics

  • Meteor observations for investigation of the entry of extraterrestrial material into the Earth's atmosphere
  • Long- and short-term prediction of the ionospheric HF propagation by use of ionosonde observations at Juliusruh
  • Contributions to the International Reference Ionosphere (IRI) by electron density data from MF-radar measurements

Head of Department

Prof. Dr. J. Chau

  • Tel. +49 (0) 38293 68 200
  • Fax +49 (0) 38293 68 50


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