Currently running projects


COST Action 296

Mitigation of Ionospheric Effects on Radio Systems (MIERS)

Involved scientist: Jürgen Bremer


Atmospheric coupling by gravity waves: climatology of gravity wave activity, mesospheric turbulence and their relations to solar activity.

Responsible scientists: Werner Singer and Peter Hoffmann


Investigation of the influence of charged aerosol particles on the scattering of radar waves using

Responsible scientist: Markus Rapp


ECOMA: Erforschung der Existenz und des Ladungszustandes von Meteorstaub in der mittleren Atmosphäre mit Hilfe von Höhenforschungsraketen

Responsible scientist: Markus Rapp


Study of events of excessive D-region ionisation using simultaneous and common-volume measurements of riometer absorption at 38.2/53.5 MHz and electron density.

Responsible scientist: Werner Singer


Seasonal variation of the aspect sensitivity of radar backscatter in the MF/HF
frequency range and its relation to temperature, turbulence and electron
density in the high latitude summer mesosphere.

Responsible scientist: Norbert Engler


Gravity wave momentum fluxes derived by Meteor radar measurements and their relation to the gravity wave activity at high- and mid-latitudes.

Involved scientists: Peter Hoffmann and Werner Singer

Radio weather prediction

Prediction of radio wave propagation through the Ionosphere

Responsible scientists: Jürgen Bremer, Jens Mielich, and Werner Singer


Space Weather Application Center - Ionosphere

Involved scientist: Jens Mielich

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Prof. Dr. J. Chau

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