List of paper presented (oral and poster)

Number of abstracts: 153

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139 Achatz, Ulrich  Solar diurnal tides in the middle atmosphere: Interactions with the zonal-mean flow, planetary waves and gravity waves oral
37 Anandan, VK  Extraction of horizontal wind velocities from a multi receiver phased array radar system using post beam steering technique and efficiency of various beamforming methods poster
39 Anandan, VK  De-noising of atmospheric radar signals using Spectral based sub-space method oral
56 Anandan, VK  An inter-comparison of wind velocities in different observation approaches and signal processing techniques using multi receiver phased array MU radar system poster
54 Anandan, VK  Observation of horizontal wind velocities in presence of convective system using multi receiver phased array MST radar system poster
53 Anandan, VK  Improved performance in Horizontal wind estimation from a multi receiver phased array atmospheric radar system using Spaced Antenna Drift Technique and signal processing approaches poster
55 Anandan, VK  Performance improvement in momentum flux computation time using EV based post beam steering technique derived winds oral
52 Anandan, VK  Performance analysis of optimum tilt angle with necessary beam configuration to minimize error in measurement of horizontal wind velocities derived by Post Beam Steering technique poster
31 Arnault, Joel  ESRAD Radar observations of PMSE during the PHOCUS rocket campaign at ESRANGE on 21 July 2011 07 UTC: preliminary results of coherent radar imaging. oral
21 Arnault, Joel  Dynamical influence of a gravity wave generated by the Vestfjella Mountains in Antarctica: radar observations, fine-scale modeling and kinetic energy budget analysis poster
5 Astin, Ivan  'Sky noise’ temperature recorded by the UK MST radar at 46.5 MHz poster
123 Baumann, Carsten  Estimation of absolute meteor fluxes from specular meteor observations poster
132 Belova, Evgenia  Main characteristics of polar mesosphere summer echoes observed with the MST radar ESRAD, Kiruna, Sweden during 1997- 2011 oral
76 Campistron, Bernard  Rain kinetic energy measurement with a UHF wind profiler: application to soil erosion survey of a tropical volcanic island poster
143 Campos, Edwin  Water vapor analyses in mixed-phase clouds oral
191 Chau, Jorge  Aperture synthesis radar imaging in coherent scatter radars: Results and lessons from Jicamarca oral
33 Chen, Jenn-Shyong  Aspect sensitivity of clear-air measured by coherent radar imaging poster
47 Chen, Jinsong  Introduction to the Kunming atmospheric radar facility (KARF) and the initial results oral
157 Chilson, Phillip  An Investigation of Clear-air Scatter at Radio and Acoustic Frequencies oral
156 Chilson, Phillip  Radar Atmospheric Imaging Techniques: An Overview oral
158 Chilson, Phillip  Implementation, Calibration, and Testing of Range Imaging on the Lindenberg 482-MHz Radar Wind Profiler poster
114 Collins, Richard  The Wave-Driven Circulation and Variability of the Wintertime Arctic Middle Atmosphere oral
113 Collins, Richard  Resonance lidar measurements of atomic energy states in the auroral E-Region poster
70 Corkum, Matthew  A VHF profiler network study: Upper level divergence and the SW Ontario tornadoes of Aug 2011. oral
50 Das, Siddarth Shankar  Further investigation on stratospheric air intrusion in to the troposphere during the episode of tropical cyclone: Numerical simulation and MST radar observations oral
51 Das, Siddarth Shankar  Seasonal characteristics of Kelvin-waves in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere (MLT) region over an equatorial station Thumba using SKiYMET meteor wind radar oral
41 Davis, Robin  The climatology, propagation and excitation of ultra-fast Kelvin waves poster
43 Day, Kerry  Winds, tides and waves in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere over Bear Lake Observatory (42N 111W) oral
95 Dolman, Bronwyn  A Mini VHF BLR and the known FCA Wind Magnitude Underestimation poster
110 Dolman, Bronwyn  Small Modular 449 MHz Wind Profiling Radar – First Results oral
77 Dolman, Bronwyn  Single- Compared to Dual-Frequency DSD Retrievals During TWP-ICE oral
169 Dolman, Bronwyn  RASS optimisation for mid-latitude summers oral
101 Dutta, Gopa  Planetary wave activity during the summer months of 2007 over Gadanki oral
40 Dutta, Gopa  Response of tropical lower atmosphere to annular solar eclipse of 15 January, 2010 oral
134 Ediang, Aniekan  Piracy, maritime operations and radar-an overview in Nigeria poster
129 Ediang, Okuku  Taking some advantage from a maritime accident and security along the coastline of Gulf of Guinea via radar feed back management system poster
10 Eswaraiah, Sunkara  Investigations on the variability of the tropical mesospheric echoes, winds, waves and associated momentum fluxes oral
141 Gaffard, Catherine  Monitoring and data assimilation of Wind Profiler oral
13 Ganji, Yellaiah  Radar observations of the Perseid meteor shower activity and meteoroid stream structure from the Gadanki MST radar oral
22 Hashimoto, Taishi  Adaptive suppression of aircraft clutter with the PANSY radar training system oral
161 Havnes, Ove  Radar investigations of mesospheric clouds subjected to artificial electron heating– observations and theory. oral
34 Higashi, Kuniaki  Development of turbulence detection and prediction techniques with wind profiler radar for aviation safety poster
179 Higashi, Kuniaki  Measurements of wind variation in surface boundary layer with tilted 1.3GHz wind profiler poster
203 Hocking, Wayne  Recent advances in radar turbulence studies with emphasis on in-situ comparisons oral
69 Hocking, Wayne  Good resolution at high power without pulse-coding poster
68 Hocking, Wayne  Incorporation of O-QNet windprofiler data into numerical forecast models oral
124 Hoffmann, Peter  Annual and interannual variations of mesospheric gravity waves from radar, satellites and models oral
8 Hooper, David  Renovation of the Aberystwyth MST radar: Evaluation oral
152 Hooper, David  The usefulness of model-comparison statistics for wind-profiling radar operators oral
97 Hooper, David  Predicting the occurrence of visual noctilucent clouds poster
30 Hooper, David  Detecting low earth orbit (LEO) satellites using UK-based atmospheric radars poster
170 Ishihara, Masahito  Higher application of wind profilers to forecasting/nowcasting severe convections and to aviation weather services oral
35 Jacobi, Christoph  Long-term trends of mesosphere/lower thermosphere gravity waves at midlatitudes poster
11 Jacobi, Christoph  Climatology of the 8-hour solar tide over Central Europe, Collm (51.3°N; 13.0°E) oral
12 Jaiswal, Rajasri Sen  Study of radar bright band and freezing level height oral
182 Kero, Antti  Active modification of the D-region ionosphere oral
136 Kero, Johan  The MU radar meteor head echo analysis technique and the 2009-2010 observation programme oral
121 Keuer, Dieter  Separating sky and ground wave in indirect phase height measurements poster
18 Kirkwood, Sheila  Boundary layer measurements by the MARA MST radar using a local bistatic technique. oral
19 Kirkwood, Sheila  PMSE – a comparison between ESRAD in Arctic Sweden and MARA at Wasa, Antarctica. oral
174 Kirkwood, Sheila  Climatological characteristics of tropospheric- and lower stratospheric- turbulence over Kiruna, Sweden oral
188 Klink, Stefan  Objectives and tasks of the EUMETNET Composite Observing System (EUCOS) oral
187 Kolomiyets, Svitlana V.  The errors of meteor radar data poster
64 Krishna, U.V. Murali  Investigations on Tropospheric ducts by using wind profiler radar and Artificial Neural Network over PALAU in the Pacific Ocean poster
93 Krishna, U.V. Murali  Observations of atmospheric thermal structures during 2009 and 2010 solar eclipses poster
66 Krishna, U.V. Murali  Accurate track prediction of cyclones over bay of Bengal using WRF model poster
94 Krishna, U.V.Murali  Observations and modeling studes on severe thunderstorms over north east region of India poster
92 Krishna, U.V.Murali  Ground-Based Wind Profiler Radar and Lidar Measurements of Marine Boundary Layer evolution over PALAU in Pacific Ocean oral
197 Kudeki, Erhan  Overview of VHF radar observations of equatorial mesosphere and ionosphere oral
89 Kumar, Kishore Karanam  New insights into the ambipolar diffusion of meteor trails oral
91 Kumar, Kishore Karanam  Simultaneous observations of small-scale structures in Mesosphere Lower Thermosphere winds and temperature using Meteor radar and OH day-glow photometer over Thumba (8.50 N, 770 E) oral
90 Kumar, Kishore Karanam  VHF radar observations of non-linear interactions of convectively generated gravity waves using bispectral approach poster
142 Latteck, Ralph  MAARSY - The new MST radar on Andøya: system description and first results oral
103 Lee, Christopher  Quantifying Atmospheric Turbulence: A validation of the spectral width method with MST radar, boundary layer wind profiler, and aircraft measurements. oral
107 Lee, Christopher  Conjuring a Gaussian: A new signal processing approach for turbulent Doppler spectra. poster
9 Leena, PP  Characteristics of high frequency gravity waves observed using simultaneous high resolution radiosonde and MST radar observations oral
15 Leena, PP  Development of 53 MHz Multi-Mode Radar for Atmospheric Probing oral
14 Leena, PP  Development and Validation of L-band Active Array Lower Atmospheric Radar Wind Profilers at NARL poster
138 Lehmann, Volker  The challenge of providing continuous high-quality measurements with an operational radar wind profiler network oral
140 Leinweber, Ronny  Comparison of wind profiler radar measurements with Doppler Wind Lidar profiles measurements at the Lindenberg GRUAN site oral
135 Li, Qiang  PMSE observations with the EISCAT VHF and UHF-radars: Ice particles and their effect on ambient electron densities oral
184 Lübken, Franz-Josef  Radar and lidar observations in the summer mesosphere at Davis, Antarctica oral
112 Martin, Charles  The NCAR 449 MHz Modular Wind Profiler – Prototype and future plans poster
82 Martin, Charles  An FPGA-Based Wind Profiler Controller and Signal Processor oral
186 Matsuda, Makoto  A Model Study on the Measurement Error of Wind Profiling Radar Observations in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer poster
125 Matthias, Vivien  Characteristics of the “Hiccup” during the fall transition oral
119 Mayo, Richard  New Developments and Innovations in VHF Radar oral
7 Mayo, Richard  Renovation of the Aberystwyth MST radar: Technical issues poster
17 McIntosh, Daniel  Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology Next Generation Wind Profiler Network oral
195 McKay-Bukowski, Derek  Atmospheric radar reception using LOFAR technology oral
128 Meek, Chris  Mesosphere vertical velocity and tilts. oral
127 Meek, Chris  Eureka meteor radar temperatures compared with Aura and SABER oral
120 Mielich, Jens  Advanced Capabilities and applications of the new Digisonde DPS-4D at Juliusruh poster
24 Mihalikova, Maria  Case-study of tropopause fold observation by MARA MST radar at Wasa, Antarctica – comparison with ECMWF and WRF model data. oral
106 Muschinski, Andreas  VHF/UHF Radio-Wave Backscatter from Corrugated Sheets in the Stably Stratified Atmosphere oral
75 Nakajo, Tomoyuki  Vertical flow in atmospheric boundary layer observed by a lower troposphere radar under clear air condition oral
60 Narukull, Venkateswara Rao  Long-term variability and trends of mean winds in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere within ±22° oral
189 Nicolls, Michael  Momentum Flux Determination using the Multi-Beam Poker Flat Incoherent Scatter Radar oral
193 Pautet, Dominique  High-latitude Observations of Atmospheric Gravity Waves in the Mesopause Region oral
206 Pinedo, Henry  Apparent electron density modulation under RF heating at EISCAT UHF and its application for estimating the electron-ion temperatures ratio poster
208 Placeholder, Free  Free Placeholder oral
207 Placeholder, Free  Placeholder 1 oral
126 Placke, Manja  Comparison of mesospheric gravity wave momentum fluxes derived by MF Doppler radar and meteor radar measurements at 69°N oral
194 Plane, John  Chemistry of meteor trail formation oral
145 Preusse, Peter  Satellite observations of gravity wave momentum flux and interpretation by global ray-tracing modeling oral
118 Rapp, Markus  First three - dimensional observations of polar mesosphere winter echoes: Resolving space - time ambiguity oral
62 Reddy, Nelli Narendra  Meso highs and Meso lows observed over the Indian region during Deep convective conditions oral
63 Reddy, Nelli Narendra  Impact of Total Solar Eclipse on troposphere and stratosphere thermal and wind structure at Dibrugarh on 22 July, 2009 poster
109 Reddy, Nelli Narendra  The Tropospheric cooling and the Stratospheric warming at Tirunelveli during the Annular Solar Eclipse 15 January, 2010 poster
108 Reddy, Nelli Narendra  Shrinking of Tropical Tropopause Layer during the Disturbed Convective conditions over the Bay of Bengal with JASMINE Measurements poster
96 Reddy, Nelli Narendra  Characterisation of Deep Convective System of Indian Summer Monsoon using spaceborne Cloud Profiling Radar on CloudSat poster
105 Reddy, Nelli Narendra  Impact of Meso-Network Observations on prediction of Extreme Rain Events of the Indian Summer Monsoon during PRWONAM oral
111 Reid, Iain  New Equipment and Data Processing Techniques at the University of Adelaide Field Site oral
177 Reid, Iain  60 years of meteor radar at Adelaide oral
130 Renkwitz, Toralf  Validation of the receiving pattern of the MAARSY phased antenna array oral
38 Röttger, Jürgen  VHF Radar Scatter Microstructure Measured by Combined Spatial and Frequency Domain Interferometry: A developing approach oral
27 Sakazaki, Takatoshi  Diurnal wind variations in the lower-tropospheric wind over Japan as revealed with wind profilers and analysis/reanalysis data sets oral
28 Sakazaki, Takatoshi  Diurnal wind variations in the upper-tropospheric and lower stratospheric wind over Japan as revealed with MU radar and five reanalysis data sets oral
42 Sathishkumar, S  Semi-diurnal tidal coupling at low-latitudes during sudden stratospheric warming events oral
23 Sato, Kaoru  The program of the Antarctic Syowa MST/IS radar (PANSY) oral
61 Sato, Kaoru  Adaptive beamforming technique for accurate vertical wind measurements with multi-channel MST radar oral
146 Sato, Kaoru  Re-examination of observed gravity wave characteristics by using a high-resolution GCM oral
196 Schmidt, Hauke  Atmospheric processes and variability up to the lower thermosphere – Numerical studies with HAMMONIA oral
131 Schult, Carsten  Interferometric measurements of meteor-head echoes with MAARSY poster
4 Singer, Werner  Diurnal and Seasonal Variability of D-Region Electron Densities at 69°N oral
133 Stober, Gunter  Studying mesospheric dynamics from PMSE backscatter using velocity azimuth displays (VAD) oral
154 Strelnikov, Boris  In-situ measurements of small-scale structures in neutrals and plasma species during ECOMA-2010 oral
137 Strelnikova, Irina  Spectral characteristics of incoherent scatter radar observations from the D-region oral
46 Sundararaman, Sathishkumar  Long-term variability of 16 day planetary wave in the equatorial mesosphere and lower thermosphere in relation with QBO and SSW events oral
190 Suzuki, Shin  Coordinated observations of mesospheric gravity waves with airglow imager, lidar, and radar oral
65 Swarnalingam, Nimalan Hocking, W. K.  Comparison of Calibrated Cn2 Measurements and Determination of Kinetic Energy Dissipation Rates from a Relatively High-Density VHF Windprofiler Network in Canada poster
178 Turunen, Esa  EISCAT-3D: Volumetric imaging radar in Northern Scandinavia for studies of the atmospheric and geospace environment oral
183 Ulich, Thomas  Sodankylä-Leicester Ionospheric Coupling Experiment - Selected First Results poster
200 Vandepeer, Brenton  The transceiver-based approach to phased array radars – applications and advantages oral
199 Vandepeer, Brenton  Quasi-coherent bistatic radar - implementation and observations oral
20 Vaudrin, Cody  Colorado Software Defined Radar: Hardware, Results, Reconfigurabity and Deployment oral
100 Vinay Kumar, P  Frequency dependence of gravity wave momentum flux estimates in the lower atmosphere: First observations using MST radar wind data at Gadanki oral
71 Wilson, Richard  Small scale turbulence and instabilities observed simultaneously by radiosondes and the MU radar oral
85 Wilson, Richard  A new field campaign for tropospheric turbulence studies with the MU radar and intensive insitu observations with RS92G Vaisala radiosondes. poster
204 Yabuki, Masanori  Air quality measurements with Lidar, SODAR and tethered balloon profiling in the surface boundary layer over Shigaraki, Japan poster
153 Yamamoto, Masayuki K.  Development of digital radar receiver using software-defined radio technique oral
151 Yamamoto, Masayuki K.  Measurement of vertical air velocity and hydrometeor in stratiform precipitation by the Equatorial Atmosphere Radar and polarization lidar oral
149 Yamamoto, Masayuki K.  Observation of turbulence and clouds in the tropics by the Equatorial Atmosphere Radar oral
86 Yamamoto, Masayuki K.  Structure and dynamics of air inhomogeneities in the environment of a cirriform cloud from balloon and high-resolution radar measurements poster
116 Yan, Jingye  HCOPAR: Hainan VHF Coherent Scatter Phased Array Radar System Description and First Results oral
87 Yang, Tae-Yong  Occurrence of mid-latitude field-aligned irregularities observed with VHF coherent scatter ionospheric radar in South Korea poster
209 Yao, Ming  A Low Power Software Defined Incoherent Scatter Radar System Design Concept for Continuous Sounding the Earth's Ionosphere poster
78 Younger, Joel  Atmospheric Density and the Height Distribution of Meteor Radar Detections oral
79 Younger, Joel  The Effect of Aerosol Absorption on Meteor Decay Times at Different Wavelengths oral
98 Younger, Joel  The Diffusion of Multiple Ionic Species in Meteor Trails poster
80 Younger, Joel  Accuracy of Meteor Shower Velocity Estimates Obtained from the Fresnel Transform Method poster
99 Younger, Joel  The Role of Sputtering in the Formation of Meteor Trails poster
181 Zecha, Marius  3D-measurement results by MAARSY using radar interferometry methods oral