Dynamics of Rossby Waves

The dynamics of planetary and synoptic Rossby waves is energetically important for atmospheric processes. The study of their life cycle bears information on the connection of subtropical anomalies with variations in the middle and higher latitudes over the stratospheric vortex up to the mesosphere. Many phenomena such as sudden stratospheric warmings or heavy weather events are strongly tied to the dynamics of Rossby waves.


In order to extract information from observations and analyses and model simulations, distributions of Ertels Potential Vorticity, the three-dimensional wave activity flux, lag-correlations and several methods for the diagnosis of Rossby wave trains are studied.

Recent publications

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  • Dieter H.W. Peters
  • Erich Becker
  • Axel Gabriel
  • Almut Gaßmann
  • Andrea Schneidereit
  • Christoph Zülicke