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Course offer summer semester 2013, 2 SWS, 6-9. Semester, facultative

Title: Theoretical Meteorology: Exchange processes in the atmosphere


Based on the mathematical-physical basic equations of dynamical meteorology special exchange processes of momentum, heat, air mass and minor constituents will be treated especially the exchange between atmospheric layers. The transport and exchange of minor constituents, such as ozone, induced by atmospheric waves and vortexes set up a further priority. Selected physical interaction processes of the boundary layer between atmosphere and earth surface are also presented for polar regions.


In the frame of my course to Theoretical Meteorology with the treatment of exchange processes between atmospheric layers a new important aspect of atmospheric physics will be presented which plays a great role in understanding of physical links from the ground to the lower thermosphere. Some newer questions of man made influences on the environment will be discussed.


  • Exchange
  • General circulation
  • Energy- and angular momentum maintenance
  • Ertel conservation theorem of potential vorticity
  • Transport- and exchange processes
  • Exchange in the boundary layer
  • Exchange  in the free atmosphere
  • Rossby wave breaking
  • Inertio - gravity waves over mountains
  • Distribution of minor constituents
  • Ozone circulation and trends
  • Ozone mini holes over Europe

Diploma and Theses:

In our current research which is partly subject of the course, there are issues for diploma and master.

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