Guided City Tour and Conference Dinner

Registration procedure to attend the conference dinner and the field trip

If you are interested to participate on the field trip, please register using your login data on the MST13 web server (COMS) using the following link.

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If you have an accompanying person please send us an e-mail including these information. Please also register for the conference dinner (Thursday, 22.3.) if you like to participate. The choice of your preferred food can be done at the registration desk at the Upstalsboom.

MST13 Field Trip to Warnemünde on 21.03.2012
Warnemünde is a district in the North of the Hanseatic city of Rostock close to the Baltic sea and lies directly at the entrance of Rostock harbor. The town is characterized by its traditional buildings as it was typical for an old fishermans harbor at the Baltic sea. Today Warnemünde is one of the beautiful Baltic sea spaÔÇÖs along the German coast line and a popular tourist place to enjoy an old fisherman harbor or to have fun at the beach.

Our field trip will start at 14:00 LT at the conference Hotel Upstalsboom. From there we are going by bus to the city harbor of Rostock. At the harbor we will go onboard on a boat of the blue fleet having a guided tour through the Rostock harbor and finally heading towards Warnemünde. Onboard you will get served a piece of traditional German fruit cake and coffee.

Schiff, der blauen Flotte Route der blauen Flotte
© Foto: Blaue Flotte, Rostock © Foto: Blaue Flotte, Rostock

The guided boat tour will take us approximately one hour before we arrive at the Warnem├╝nde passenger peer close to the old stream. From there we are going to have a guided city tour through the old fisherman harbor of Warnemünde, which will last approximately one hour. After this sight-seeing tour everyone will have some time to discover the old stream on its own.

Rostock Warnem├╝nde, Blick auf den Alten Strom bei Nacht Rostock-Warnem├╝nde: H├Ąuser in der Alexandrinenstra├če
© Foto: Wikipedia Warnemünde von Martin K├╝nzel, Berlin © Foto: Wikipedia Warnemünde von Norbert Kaiser

At 18:00 LT we will meet again close to the bridge over the old stream (the place where we arrived from our boat tour) to have dinner at a restaurant serving traditional German food. At Wenzels Prager Bierstuben you can choose between three different meals (meat, fish, vegetarian), which will be already prepared when we arrive at the restaurant. So please login to your MST 13 account and select your preferred meal.

F├Ąhre © Foto:

At 20:30 LT we plan to go back to Kühlungsborn. The busses for our return will be parked close to the restaurant.

.:   Leibniz Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Kühlungsborn, Germany   :.