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Logistics Information

Travel Options

We propose to look for options using the airports Hamburg (HAM) or Berlin (BER).

Both are connected to the public railway system including long distance trains to Rostock.

The main train service provider is Deutsche Bahn, you may inquire options at:

Alternatively you may look for rental cars at or near the airports.

Inside Rostock various routes of busses and trams are available for which you may find more information here:



There are several hotels in the city of Rostock near the university. Please organize your accomodation by yourself.

We have arranged special agreements with the following hotels, which are also easily accessible by public transport. These hotels offer promotion rates (special prices per night for single rooms and for double/twin rooms, breakfast included), please use the promotion code "IMST2024".


Name and AddressURLEmail and PhoneOffer Price
B&B HOTEL Rostock-Hafen, Gaffelschonerweg 1https://www.hotel-bb.com/en/hotel/rostock-portrostock-hafen@hotelbb.com

+49 381 377788-0
74,90 EUR
84,90 EUR

email or phone
Hotel an der Stadthalle Rostock, Platz der Freundschaft 3https://www.hotelstadthalle.de/ENGLISHinfo@hotelstadthalle.de

+49 381 4445666
84,90 EUR
94,90 EUR

use email
MOTEL ONE Rostock, Schröderplatz 2https://www.motel-one.com/en/hotels/rostock/hotel-rostockrostock@motel-one.com

+49 381 666919-0
89,00 EUR
116,00 EUR

send the form
prizotel Rostock, Warnowufer 42https://www.prizeotel.com/en/rostock-cityhello@prizeotel.com

+49 421 22 22 100
99,00 EUR
119,00 EUR

online form