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In situ instruments - Sounding rockets

The primary use for sounding rockets at IAP are measurements of small-scale structures in the MLT, both in the neutral atmosphere and in plasma. We use our established measurement techniques that rely on instrumentation like CONE, particle detector IAP-PD, and Pirani pressure gauge. We are also continuously developing new rocket-borne instruments.

Together with company von Hoerner und Sulger GmbH, we are developing the Turb3D instrument for 3-dimentional soundings of small-scale structures in both neutral and plasma species.

In cooperation with argus electronic GmbH and Institute of General Electrical Engineering at the Rostock University we are developing an active falling sphere (active FS) instrument for high-resolution measurements of density, temperature, and horizontal winds in the middle atmosphere.

The radio wave propagation technique to measure absolute electron densities is currently being transferred from the Graz University of Technology (Prof. Martin Friedrich) to IAP. This is the most precise and unambigous technique to measure absolute electron number densities.


Current Projects/Campaigns