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iMST Lidar and Radar School

The iMST lidar and radar school is an offer - especially for students and newcomers - to get an introduction to scientific aspects of the troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere and thermosphere as well as to lidar and radar observations of the atmosphere. The theoretical explanations are accompanied by practical exercises. The iMST school will take place in Kühlungsborn (~30 km away from Rostock) at the Leibniz Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP).

If you are planning to participate in the school, we request the following documents:

  • A letter of intent
  • A letter from your academic or professional supervisor

Please send the documents to mst16@_we_dont_like_spam_iap-kborn.de .

Additionally please create an account at COMS with your email address, if you have not already done so.

All potential participants of the iMST lidar and radar school will be informed by email when the registration is open.


Draft Timeline





06. Sep 2408:45Welcome and Introduction 
09:00Introduction to iMST RadarDavid Hooper
Iain Reid
11:30Introduction to iMST LidarAlan Liu
Michael Gerding
14:00Hands-on lidar labHands-on radar labWayne Hocking, Nico Pfeffer,
Michael Gerding
16:30Introduction to iMST Radar (cont)David Hooper
Iain Reid
17:30Data standards and networksDavid Hooper
 Volker Lehmann
18:30Q/A + Social Activity 
07. Sep 2409:00Atmospheric Dynamics: Mesocales and lessDavid Fritts
10:00Atmospheric Dynamics: Synoptic to Planetary scalesHuixin Liu
11:30Phased Arrays and Radar ImagingJulio Urbina
 Koki Chau
12:30Instrument applications for studies of the atmosphere: Pros and Cons.Iain Reid
Gerd Baumgarten
14:00Hands-on signal analysis 1Irina Strelnikova
Robin Wing
Miguel Urco
Matthias Clahsen
16:30New advances in iMST radarJuha Vierinen
17:30New advances iMST LidarBernd Kaiffler
19:00Group Dinner 
08. Sep 2409:00Hands-on signal analysis 2 Irina Strelnikova
Robin Wing
Miguel Urco
Matthias Clahsen
11:30Outside of the boxOlaf Wucknitz
Guotao Yang
Wayne Hocking


Lodging information

  • For students: For a limited number of students we have organized lodging in a guest house in Kühlungsborn, mainly in twin rooms. The rate will be covered by the IAP Kühlungsborn. Please mark your interest in the iMST school registration form (via COMS). Additional information will be sent later to registered participants.
  • For lecturers: We have arranged accomodation in a hotel in Kühlungsborn, we will inform you by email about details.
  • For other interested persons: There are several hotels in the town area of Kühlungsborn. Please organize your accomodation by yourself, and keep in mind that the begin of September is still ongoing holiday season in the seaside resort Kühlungsborn.


Registration fee

100 Euro.


Financial support

We have a limited financial support program available, please take information here.