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The workshop will take place in the center of the old Hanseatic and University City of Rostock, the largest city in the German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern with more than 200,000 inhabitants.

Rostock is situated on the river Warnow and very close to the Baltic Sea with beautiful beaches, promenades, lighthouses, fishing boats, gulls, …

You may find a lot more information here: https://www.rostock.de/en/index.html


The University of Rostock (founded 1419) is the oldest one in Northern Europe, even one of the oldest universities in the world, and many people say, it is also one of the most beautiful universities of the world.

We are very proud that we have the opportunity to hold our workshop in the historical auditorium of the main building of the University of Rostock. This building is located directly in the center of the city, so you can find hotels, sightseeing attractions, restaurants, shops and much more in the immediate vicinity.

Rostock is located in the North-East of Germany and is easy to reach. You may consider our hints in "Logistics Information".

The weather conditions at the Baltic Sea in September are good, mostly sunny with only a few rainy days and temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius.

Welcome to Rostock.