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Spezielle Probleme der Atmosphärenphysik I und II

Inhalt der Vorlesung "Spezielle Probleme der Atmosphärenphysik I: The Earth's Ionosphere - Electrodynamics and Plasma Physics"

  • Introductory Material:
    • Structure of the Neutral Atmosphere and Main Ionosphere
    • D region Fundamentals
  • Fundamentals of Atmospheric, Ionospheric, and Magnetospheric Plasma Dynamics
  • Dynamics and Elctrodynamics of the Equatorial Zone
  • Tropical and mid latitude Electrodynamics
  • High Latitude Electrodynamics

Inhalt der Vorlesung "Spezielle Probleme der Atmosphärenphysik II: Applications of Radiowave Propagation"

  • Introductory Material:
    • Wave solutions of Maxwell's equations
    • Ionospheric propagation and vertical soundings
  • Radiation, antennas, links, imaging
  • Radiowave scattering and radar remote sensing
  • Magnetoionic theory