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Ph.D.-Seminar WS 2022/2023

Wednesdays, 1 p.m., lecture hall


Date / SessionTopicPresenter / Advisor

02.11.2022 / open

The Solar quiet (Sq) Daily Variation of the Geomagnetic Field Observed by Ground-Based Magnetometers Over the South American Magnetic Anomaly (SAMA) Region

Sony Chen / Yosuke Yamazaki

16.11.2022 / open

The Role of Neutral Winds and Electric Field in the Formation of Sporadic E Layers

Lihui Qiu / Yosuke Yamazaki

23.11.2022 / closed

Internal Discussion: Students Aid Students


30.11.2022 / closed

Weakly or Strongly Nonlinear Mesoscale Dynamics Close to the Tropopause? (Li&Lindborg 2018)

Serhat Can

06.12.2022 (3 p.m.) / open

Lecture: The Sun and Solar Radiation

Prof. Huixin Liu /

07.12.2022 / open

Lecture: Observation Techniques of the Atmosphere/Ionosphere

Prof. Huixin Liu /

08.12.2022 (time TBD) / open


Prof. Huixin Liu /

14.12.2022 / closed

Internal Discussion: Students Aid Students


04.01.2023 / open

Ph.D. Topic**

Mohamed Mossad / Irina Strelnikova, Robin Wing

11.01.2023 / open

Planetary Waves and Tidal Dynamics During Sudden Stratospheric Warming

Gourav Mitra / Jorge Chau, Federico Conte

25.01.2023 / open

Meteor MF Radar Wind Measurements at the Antarctic Syowa Station

Prof. Masaki Tsutsumi

01.02.2023 / open

Lecture: Radar Basics

Toralf Renkwitz

08.02.2023 / open

Lecture: Planetary Waves and Tides

Yosuke Yamazaki

15.02.2023 /


Sunil Kulhari


*preliminary date, **preliminary title

(Mandatory: Jenni, Kesava, Mohamed)

(Voluntary: Students who gave colloquium talks at Uni Rostock or IAP)