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Ph.D.-Seminar WS 2023/2024

Wednesdays, 1 p.m., lecture hall


Date / SessionTopicPresenter AdvisorOpen/Closed Session


Lecture on GHOST

Dr. Fabio Feraco



Lecture on GHOST

Dr. Fabio Feraco

08.11.2023Paper Club: “First measurements of 3-Dimensional winds up to 25 km based on Aerosol backscatter using a compact Doppler lidar with multiple fields of view”. Thorben Hendrik Mense et al. (2023)Thorben MenseJosefClosed
13.12.2023Observation and Direct Numerical Simulation of Mesospheric InstabilitiesKesavaKokiOpen
17.01.2024Spectra of Gravity WavesMohamedIrinaOpen
24.01.2024Mesospheric Semi-annual Oscillation (MSAO)JoseKokiOpen
28.02.2024 (15:00)Nudging Atmosphere ModelsN. PedatellaInvitedOpen


*preliminary date, **preliminary title

(Mandatory: Eframir, Thorben, Jennifer, Mohamed, Jose)

(Voluntary: Students who gave colloquium talks at Uni Rostock or IAP)

Organization: Mohamed, Jose