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Ph.D.-Seminar WS 2023/2024

Wednesdays, 1 p.m., lecture hall


Date / SessionTopicPresenter AdvisorOpen/Closed Session


Lecture on GHOST

Dr. Fabio Feraco



Lecture on GHOST

Dr. Fabio Feraco

08.11.2023Paper Club: “First measurements of 3-Dimensional winds up to 25 km based on Aerosol backscatter using a compact Doppler lidar with multiple fields of view”. Thorben Hendrik Mense et al. (2023)Thorben MenseJosefClosed
13.12.2023Thesis Defense QuestionsKesava closed
17.01.2024Spectra of Gravity WavesMohamedIrinaOpen
24.01.2024Extreme mesospheric westward winds at low latitudes during the March equinox of 2023JoseKokiOpen
28.02.2024 (10:00)Nudging Atmosphere ModelsN. PedatellaInvitedOpen
20.03.2024Lecture on Basic Atmospheric EquationsKesavaKokiClosed


*preliminary date, **preliminary title

(Mandatory: Eframir, Thorben, Jennifer, Mohamed, Jose)

(Voluntary: Students who gave colloquium talks at Uni Rostock or IAP)

Organization: Mohamed, Jose