Kolloquium am IAP

Aktuelle Fragen aus der Atmosphärenphysik

Ort: Institut für Atmosphärenphysik, Kühlungsborn, Schlossstraße 6, Großer Saal im Neubau

Zeit: Donnerstags, 10 Uhr ct (ACHTUNG: Ausnahmen sind möglich!)


Stand: 3. Juni 2019
Datum / ZeitNameTitel

25. April

10 Uhr ct

Dr. Yosuke Yamazaki, GFZ PotsdamAtmosphere-ionosphere coupling by planetary waves

26. April (Fr.!)

10 Uhr ct

Prof. Ludger Scherliess, Utah State Univ.Specification of the Ionosphere/ Thermosphere System from a Physics-Based Data Assimilation Model

8. Mai

10 Uhr ct

Dr. Andrew Spargo, AustraliaSummary of recent results from the Buckland Park 55 MHz multistatic meteor/ Stratosphere-Troposphere radar

16. Mai

10 Uhr ct

Dr. Gunter Stober, IAP KühlungsbornMeteor observations: What can we learn about the atmosphere and about the meteoroids?

22. Mai (Mi.!)

10 Uhr ct

Prof. Huixin Liu, Kyushu UniversityThermosphere response to external forcing

13. Juni

9 Uhr st (!)

Dr. Anjana Buckow, DFGFunding Opportunities of the German Research Foundation for Early Career Scientists (im HS1 der Physik in Rostock!)

27. Juni

10 Uhr ct

Jens Söder, IAP KühlungsbornTurbulence measurements with LITOS - from data quality improvements to geophysical results

3. Juli (Mi)

10 Uhr ct

Dr. Claudia Borries, GFZ PotsdamSignatures of atmospheric wave impact in the total electron content

11. Juli

10 Uhr ct

Prof. Nikolai Kornev, Univ. RostockVpiLES - Large Eddy Simulation with a direct resolution of the subgrid motion

16. Juli (Di!)

10 Uhr ct

Prof. Gerald LehmacherStudies of mesospheric and lower thermospheric dynamics with the Jicamarca Radar
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