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Tropospheric and stratospheric dynamics and processes (MST16-1)

Conveners: David Hooper (MSO), Volker Lehmann, Sergey Khaykin

This session covers atmospheric structure, dynamics, and processes occurring within the altitude range from the boundary layer to the stratopause. Suitable topics include (but are not limited to) convection, weather systems, humidity fields, clouds, precipitation, the tropopause, stratosphere-troposphere exchange, and scattering mechanisms. Although there is a separate session for waves and turbulence, these topics may be included here if they feature as part of a wider study that is more-relevant to this session. We welcome submissions based on modelling/theoretical studies or on data from instruments other than wind-profiling radars, particularly Doppler lidars and ESA's Aeolus satellite mission. We also welcome technical topics, such as validation of data products, and assimilation of data from networks of instruments for data assimilation/nowcasting.