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Atmospheric and ionospheric vertical coupling studies (MST16-5)

Conveners: Yufang Tian (MSO), Daren Lyu, Huixin Liu

This session focuses on the vertical coupling between the neutral atmosphere and the ionosphere. Studies on the dynamic, radiative, thermodynamical, electrodynamical, and chemical processes that drive the coupling are all welcome.

The present session invites all contributions concerning but not limited to:

  1. Atmospheric-ionospheric coupling processes observed with ground-and-space-based and in-suit measurements, or revealed and validated by reanalysis and models.
  2. Wave-induced vertical coupling in the atmosphere-ionosphere system.
  3. Vertical coupling due to characteristic events, such as Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW), polar vortex anomaly, typhoons, strong troposphere mesoscale weather systems, volcanic eruption, etc.
  4. Atmospheric response to extreme solar activity and space weather events.

Although studies using radars and lidars are highly encouraged, related contributions based on other observations, data analysis, and modeling, and their combinations, are also highly welcome. This session aims for participants to form collaborations for targeted observational and modeling studies of specific vertical coupling phenomena to be executed in the future.