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Synergistic use of instruments and analysis techniques (MST16-6)

Conveners: H. Luce (MSO), D. Lawrence and K. Nishimura

Over the past fifty years, iMST radars and wind profilers have been used to study the dynamics of the atmosphere, from the planetary boundary layer to the ionosphere, for research and operational applications. This session is seeking contributions that make synergistic use of these instruments with other remote sensing tools and in-situ measurements for purposes such as:

  1. Evaluation and validation of measurements and models used to extract atmospheric parameters from comparisons between different techniques intended to provide the same or related quantities,
  2. Collection of complementary data to obtain the most complete set of information possible on a given process (e.g. turbulence, gravity waves, meteorological fronts, boundary layer convection, cloud life cycle, etc.)
  3. Obtaining more precise or new atmospheric retrievals from the combination of data collected from the different instruments,
  4. Expanding horizontal coverage using a network of various instruments including multistatic systems to study atmospheric phenomena of scales comparable to the network.

The present session welcomes any collaborative and innovative works for the purposes mentioned above, including all types of lidars (Airborne, mobile, DIAL, wind, temperature, Raman, Rayleigh-Mie,…), atmospheric (cloud, precipitation) ground radars and satellite-borne instruments, and in-situ instruments (tethered and free balloons, crewed aircraft, fixed and rotary wing uncrewed aircraft,  rockets, …), coordinated for operational or routine purposes, or during multi-instrument field campaigns dedicated to specific projects. Contributions need not include MST radars and/or wind profilers but may propose future synergistic combination opportunities.