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LOCHMES Homepage

LOCHMES - LOng-term CHanges in the MESosphere

Project of the "Senatsausschuss Wettbewerb" (SAW) of the Leibniz Society (WGL) in the frame of the BMBF initiative "Pakt für Forschung und Innovation"

LOCHMES is devoted to assess the dynamically controlled internal variability of the atmosphere from the surface to the lower thermosphere and the sensitivity of this variability to solar and anthropogenic perturbations. A particular goal is to improve our understanding of the mesosphere as an indicator for climate change.

(Coordination: Erich Becker, Leibniz Institute for Atmospheric Research, Kühlungsborn; Funding: WGL/SAW; Running 2010 - 2013)

Further Information

Proposal (March 2010) (pdf)

Running work:

  • Radiative transfer module for KMCM (Rahel Knöpfel)
  • Orographic-gravity-wave parameterization for KMCM (Benjamin Wolf)
  • Simulation of the annual cycle of the radiation budget (Rahel Knöpfel)
  • Test runs for the QBO in KMCM (Franziska Schmidt)
  • Sensitivity of hemispheric asymmetries in the mesosphere on gravity waves (Erich Becker)

First results:

  • R. Knöpfel und E. Becker, An Idealized Radiative Transfer Scheme for Use in a Mechanistic General Circulation Model From the Surface up to the Mesopause Region, J. Quant. Spectrosc. Radiat. Transfer, 112, 1460-1478, doi:10.1016/j.jqsrt.2011.02.014, 2011.


  • Erich Becker
  • Rachel Knöpfel
  • Franziska Schmidt
  • Benjamin Wolf