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DYNAMITE project (2016-2018)

Understanding the role of mesosphere and lower thermosphere (MLT) dynamics at mid and high latitudes on the ionosphere/thermosphere weather


Scientific objectives

  1. Quantification of the gravity waves (GW) activity in the MLT region using Lidar measurements (figure 1), and estimation of their corresponding momentum flux at middle and high latitudes using Radar observations.
  2. Investigation of the semidiurnal solar and lunar tides in the MLT region during sudden stratospheric warmings (SSW) and their relation to splitting and displacing stratospheric polar vortex events, using observations and simulations (figure 2).
  3. Evaluation of the observed MLT solar and lunar tides during SSW and non-SSW events on the I/T weather, by comparing special WACCM-X + TIMEGCM simulations with satellite and ground-based I/T observations.
  4. Investigation of the interactions of planetary waves (PW), mean winds and tides in the MLT region and their relation to thermospheric parameters as observed by SWARM and other satellites (e.g., CHAMP, GRACE, GOCE) at middle and high latitudes.


List of participants

  • Prof. Dr. J. L. Chau
  • Prof. Dr. F.-J. Lübken
  • Dr. F. Conte
  • Dr. G. Stober
  • Dr. M. Gerding
  • Dr. G. Baumgarten
  • Dr. J. Höffner
  • Dr. R. Latteck
  • Dr. K. Baumgarten
  • Dr. D. Pokhotelov

External collaborators

  • Dr. N. Pedatella (NCAR)
  • Dr. L. Goncharenko (MIT-Haystack Observatory)
  • Prof. C. Jacobi (University of Leipzig)
  • Dr. H. L. Liu (HAO)
  • Dr. J. Matzka (GFZ)
  • Dr. H. Schmidt (MPI)
  • Dr. D. Murphy (CPC-AAD)

Related publications

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