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Matrix-LEWIZ: Interaction of jet- and mountain-generated inertia-gravity waves


Poleward breaking Rossby waves are governing the synoptic weather situation over the North Atlantic / European sector. Associated jet streaks in the tropopause region are generating inertia-gravity waves via the Rossby/Lighthill mechanism. At the same time, strong winds near the surface may give rise to mountain waves - the classical Queney problem. In this study, the joint occurance and interaction of both jet- and mountain-generated inertia-gravity waves will be studied.





  • about six campaigns in Andenes comprising radiosondes and radar funded by EU-ARI (LEWIZ-A1, LEWIZ-A2, LEWIZ-A3, LEWIZ-A4, LEWIZ-A5, LEWIZ-A6)
  • two MaCWAVE campaigns (MACWAVE-A1, MACWAVE-A2)
  • one campaign in Jan 2005 in the frame of ROMA (ROMA/LEWIZ)
  • a couple of meetings with annual reports:
    • 15 Apr 2002: LEWIZ meeting (Peters, ..., Zülicke)
      • Zülicke: Modelling of Inertia-Gravity Waves
    • 23 Aug 2002: LEWIZ meeting (Peters, ..., Zülicke)
      • Zülicke: MM5-Simulationen zur LEWIZ-Aktivitäten im Dezember 1999
    • 10 Dec 2002 (IAP colloquium) Zülicke, Ch.: Inertia-Gravity Waves during Rossby Wave Breaking  - MM5 Case Study for LEWIZ-K1 campaign (December 1999) –
    • 22 May 2003: LEWIZ meeting
      • Zülicke, Ch.: MM5-Simulationen von orographisch angeregte Trägheitsschwerewellen - Drei Fallstudien von Andenes –
    • 08 Jan 2004 (IAP colloquium) Zülicke, Ch.: Driving of Inertia-Gravity Waves through a Poleward Breaking Rossby Wave - MM5 Case Study for the LEWIZ-K1 campaign (December 1999) –
    • 05 Mar 2004: LEWIZ meeting
      • Zülicke, Ch.: Mesoskalige Modell-Simulation von Gebirgswellen
    • 28 Oct 2004 (IAP colloquium) Zülicke: Trägheitsschwerewellen induziert durch polwärts brechende Rossby-Wellen – LEWIZ-Projekt
    • 18 Jan 2005 (theory group) Peters: LEWIZ status
    • Feb 2006 Peters: ROMA/LEWIZ Preliminory Result
    • Nov 2007 Eixman: Cirren and Rossby wave-breaking events




  • co-located radars have been used to estimate the horizontal wavelength from the phase shift (Serafimovich et al., 2004; Hoffmann et al., 2006)
  • jet- and mountain-generated inertia-gravity waves have been identified in radar profiles upstream and downstream the mountains (Serafimovich et al., 2006)
  • vertical momentum flux has been estimated from radar observations and model simulations (Serafimovich et al., 2006)

Interaction of Inertia gravity waves through the Scandinavian Mountains

In the case study A5 has been observed that mesoscale orografic generated wave energy transferred to sub-synoptic jet stream generated waves over scandinavia, and thus act as an amplifier. MM5- investigations assist in interpolation of double-radar measurements (Serafimovich et al. ACP 2004, Hoffmann et al., Ann. Geoph. 2006, Serafimovich et al., Ann Geoph. 2006).



  • Hoffmann, P., A. Serafimovich, D. Peters, P. Dalin, R. Goldberg, and R. Latteck, 2006: Inertia gravity waves in the upper troposphere during the MaCWAVE winter campaign - Part I: Observations with collocated radars. Ann. Geopys., 24, 2851 - 2862.
  • Serafimovich, A., P. Hoffmann, D. Peters, and V. Lehmann, 2004: Investigation of inertia-gravity waves in the upper troposphere / lower stratosphere over northern Germany observed with collocated VHF / UHF radars. Atmos. Chem. Phys., 5, 295 - 310.
  • Serafimovich, A., C. Zülicke, P. Hoffmann, D. Peters, P. Dalin, and W. Singer, 2006: Inertia gravity waves in the upper troposphere during the MaCWAVE winter campaign - Part II: Radar investigations and modelling studies. Ann. Geopys., 24, 2863 - 2875.
  • Serafimovich, A., P. Hoffmann, Ch. Zülicke, . Peters, R. Latteck, W. Singer, and P. Dalin, 2007: Inertia gravity waves in the upper troposphere during the MaCWAVE winter campaign: collocated radar observations and modelling studies (EGU Vienna, 15 - 20 April 2007; 15 min talk)

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