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Library of IAP

Library of the IAP

The library of the IAP is a pure institute library. Rosemarie von Rein, graduate librarian, is responsible for the literature supply of the IAP staff and she is our equal opportunity representative.

In particular, literature on atmospheric physics, climate dynamics, lidar, radar, rockets and communications engineering is collected and made available. Information and research services are offered. Literature which is not available at IAP is obtained via the interlibrary loan systems of the Rostock University Library  and the Göttingen Library Network. The literature available in the IAP is searchable in the catalog of the University Library.

In our library and the associated  archive there are about 4500 monographs as well as a bout 40 current journal series. Some are available online via licences.

The database system used is PICA-LBS in GBV.

From Monday to Friday the library is open for emloyees of the IAP.

External interested persons please register in advance by telephone and ask the desired literature.

You can find information about former data publications of IAP, published on a disabled FTP server, on this page.

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