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Global Circulation

The global residual circulation extends from the troposphere through the middle atmosphere. In the upper mesosphere / lower thermosphere, it is in exchange with the atmospheric layers above. The interaction between waves and mean flow ad well as inter- and intra-hemispheric differences and similarities are of special interest. They are a key element in the global energy budgets.


For the diagnosis of the spatio-temporally averaged mass circulation the so-called Transformed Eulerian Mean (TEM) equations are applied o observations and to model simulations (for examle from KMCM or UA-ICON). The resulting "residual" circulation contains the mean wind (Euler wind) and wave-induced transports (eddy flux). For the study of related energy balances energy and mass conserving simulations and assimilations are used.

Recent publications

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  • Markus Kunze
  • Tarique Adnan Siddiqui
  • Claudia Stephan
  • Yosuke Yamazaki
  • Christoph Zülicke