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The Leibniz Institute of Atmospheric Physics at the University of Rostock (IAP) conducts research in physics of the mesosphere and lower thermosphere in close collaboration with national and international partners. Besides studying specific processes in this region, our research also connects to climate change and to the role of atmospheric forcing on space weather.

IAP’s scientific and experimental work integrates into the following main research themes:

  • Exploration of the mesosphere and lower thermosphere
  • Coupling of the mesosphere and lower thermosphere to atmospheric layers below and above
  • Long-term changes in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere and adjacent regions

IAP is a member of the Leibniz Association. The institute is located near the Baltic Sea resort Kühlungsborn, it operates a branch station at Juliusruh on the Rügen island, and it is a major partner of the ALOMAR observatory in northern Norway. As an associated institute of the University of Rostock it forms an integral part of the teaching program at the Institute of Physics. Together with about 80 employees the institute has a clear approach to an equal opportunity and family-friendly human resource policy and is certified by the audit "berufundfamilie" ('career and family').

Claudia Stolle receives AGU honor

Claudia Stolle is the 2022 AGU's Space Physics and Aeronomy William B. Hanson Lecture Recipient 

Farewell to Prof Lübken

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"Dynamic Earth" colloquium at IAP

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Girls Day

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Noctilucent Clouds @ Patagonia

(24 Jan 2022) Unexpected observations with the IAP camera network. There was big surprise on January 24th in Patagonia (southern Argentina)...

Claudia Stolle becomes director of IAP

(01 Oct 2021) Ceremonial inauguration with many guests. On 1st October 2021, in the lecture hall of IAP with only 40 seats available, ... more

Physicist of the week

(20 Sep 2021) Introduction of Dr. Liliana Macotela by the German Physical Society. The DPG is running a Working Group on Equal Opportunities (AKC), ... more