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Public Outreach

We conduct a variety of activities in order to promote public awareness and understanding of IAP's scientific activities. Examples of these activities are:

  • Posts. In brief communications we report on new or successfully finished projects, national and international meetings, honors and awards, highlighted publications, and more - a colorful and updated impression from our institute life.
  • Public view day. Each second or third year the institute opens its doors to interested visitors. We guide through our laboratories, explain our work and run a quizes with many prizes to win. The programme of the last open-door day can be found here (in German).
  • Journal Leibniz Nordost. A half-annually published journal issued by the five Leibniz Institutes in Mecklenburg-Westpommerania. We report from current research, give glimpses from the institute's life and present researcher profiles.
  • Rostock's Eleven. An annual workshop on science and communication: Eleven students from scientific institutions at and near Rostock present their research to eleven science journalists from all over Germany. 
  • Tours of organized groups. We answer to demands for information or to explorative interest by schools and universities, societies and associations by providing guided tours through the institute and establish contact to scientists.
  • Publicly available videos/photographs. A selection of short movies about the work of IAP scientists and exciting photographs from laboratory and field work is available in our video library. You can also find us in youtube here.