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Technology Transfer

Technology transfer is focused on activities related to transfer technological know-how from the field of science to other areas of the society, such as commercial partners. Research at IAP requires specialized instrumentation and analyses that lead to unique technical processes and inventions that are carried out in cooperation with industry partners. Examples of past projects are “BalloonSimu” or “Active FS”.

More recent examples of technology transfer projects are:  (a)  ZIM project “MoliCu” and (b)  the RUBIN project “LidarCUBE” (in concept phase). The ZIM project “MoliCu” includes the industrial standardization and improvement of a 3D printed housing frame for a planned, autonomous measuring lidar system with a volume of only 1 m³. The RUBIN project “LidarCUBE” is conceived to converte a novel lidar system developed at the IAP  into a marketable industrial product.