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Transfer activities at IAP

Transfer activities at IAP refer to the exchange between our research activities and the non-academic world. This definition follows closely the Leibniz-Transfer definition (Leitbild Leibniz Transfer). Our approach includes both exchange directions: from IAP to society, and from society to IAP. Our transfer strategy is to identify and conduct selected activities to promote an efficient and useful exchange with the following societal groups: general public, commercial partners, as well as authorities and policy makers. We are active in Public outreach (e.g., IAP public view days), Training (e.g., training of school students), Capacity Building (e.g., training of foreign professionals), Citizen Science (e.g., sharing our real-time observations), and in Technology Transfer through dedicated projects.  

We are keen to stress our transfer activities in both directions. If you have suggestions on how you may participate in any of them, please contact us. We will welcome your contribution.