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Collaboration with the University of Rostock

There are various ways in which the IAP collaborates with the University of Rostock:

  • The director of the IAP and the department heads are professors at the University of Rostock.
  • Some other scientists of IAP also give lectures and organize seminars and internships for students and post graduates at the physics department in Rostock.
  • Regarding fields of research there exist common interests in laser applications and in the development and application of radar techniques.

In the field of atmospheric physics the IAP offers students the opportunity to work on their bachelor, master, and PhD thesis. Furthermore, IAP supports the organization of the colloquium at the Physics Department in Rostock by inviting international scientists. The IAP also organizes a colloquium and a seminar for PhD students in Kühlungsborn.

The collaboration between the IAP and the University of Rostock is formally regulated in an agreement signed by the director of IAP and the Rector of the University (last update on 16th September 2022). More information on the  University of Rostock can be found under www.uni-rostock.de.

University of Rostock

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