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Seminar for PhD students at IAP

Target audience of this seminar are all PhD students at the IAP. Each student will give at least one presentation per year. Working language is German, senior PhD students are encouraged to give their presentation in English.
There are two main objectives we hope to achieve with this seminar: on the one hand students will be offered an overview of the different fields of work in atmospheric physics, focusing on the main expertise of the IAP. On the other hand have the opportunity to fortify their competences concerning scientific work, preparation and presentation of talks, familiarize with new topics et cetera.
The particular topic of the talk may be chosen individually by the students but has to be unrelated to their field of work.  Suggested topics are major phenomena of atmospheric science (e.g. QBO, SSW), mathematical or numerical methods (e.g. wavelet analyses, linear wave theory), recent developments or current research (e.g. 3D residual circulation, climate sensitivity of the MLT) and instruments (e.g. GCMs, Lidar, Radar).
In addition all bachelor and master students are invited to participate and may also volunteer to give a report on the topic of their thesis, therefore all dates of the seminar are during the lecture period.

Seminar plan