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Extension of SIMONe Germany meteor radar network

(05.06.2024) From April 22nd to 24th, a receiver was set up on the Danish island of Bornholm to complement the SIMONe Germany meteor radar network... (more)

Final ROMIC seminar at IAP

(30.04.2024) The final ROMIC (Role Of the MIddle atmosphere in Climate) status seminar was held in Kühlungsborn last week... (more)

Kesava Ramachandran has successfully defended his Ph.D. Thesis

On Wednesday this week, our Ph.D. student Kesava Ramachandran has successfully defended his thesis at the University of Rostock... (more)

IAP again receives certificate for "audit workandfamily"

(04.04.2024) The IAP has again received the certificate of the berufundfamilie Service GmbH in recognition of longstanding and sustainable family- and life-phase-conscious personnel policy... (more)

Dr. Baumgarten accepts appointment offer of the University of Rostock

(02.04.2024) We are pleased that Dr. Gerd Baumgarten, commissionery leader of the department Optical Soundings and Sounding Rockets, has accepted the appointment offer... (more)

IAP participates in new Leibniz-Lab "Systemic Sustainability"

(21.03.2024) Leibniz-Lab faces the challenge of rapid loss in biodiversity and ongoing climate change and at the same time an intensified agriculture and securing of food supply... (more)

Humboldt-Fellow at IAP

(19.03.2024) Dr. Suman Das receives Humboldt Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship... (more)

New department head and professor

(01 Jan 2024) Prof. Claudia Stephan takes over the lead of the modelling department... (more)