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Bus shuttle service hotels - IAP


We will provide an IAP bus shuttle service from the hotels in Kühlungsborn to the IAP (approximately a distance of 6 km)  in the morning and vice versa in the evening during the FISAPS-2018 workshop. There is no need to rent a car.
The IAP bus will stop at three locations (see map of Kühlungsborn) :

1) Stop at Hotel ‚Aquamarin‘ (  6th  November  08:00 a.m. , 7th - 8th November 08:15 a.m. )

2) Stop at Hotel ‚Upstalsboom‘ ( 6th  November  08:05 a.m. , 7th - 8th November 08:20 a.m. )

3) Stop at Hotel ‚Travel Charme Ostseehotel‘ ( 6th  November  08:10 a.m.  , 7th - 8th November 08:25 a.m. )