Department Theory and Modelling

The area of research of the department for theory and modeling at IAP are the atmospheric layers from the troposphere to the mesosphere and lower thermosphere (MLT). The aim is a better understanding of the climate system and its natural and anthropogenic variability with special consideration of the middle atmosphere. The coupling of atmospheric layers due to dynamic processes results from the vertical propagation of waves and their interaction with the large-scale circulation. Important aspects are radiation transfer and the transport of chemically or radiatively active tracers.

Simulation results for the mean temperature in January as it appears (left) only due to radiation transfer (including surface balance and water cycle in each column) and (right) with full dynamics included. The most apparent consequences of dynamics are beside the warmer polar regions of the troposphere (height 0 - 10 km respectively pressure > 150 hPa) are mainly the cold summer mesopause (80 - 100 km respectively 0.01 - 0.001 hPa at latitudes < 60 S) and the warm winter stratopause (50 km respectively 0.1 hPa at latitudes > 60 N).

The current activities of the department are summarized with eight research topics. The overall goal is th edevelopmentof new theoretical concepts and their application in own circulation models. On the methodological side we also take advantage of community models, reanalyses and observational data sets.

Head of Department

Prof. Dr. Erich Becker

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