Medium-term Dynamics

The dynamics of wave-mean flow interaction is of basic importance for the patterns of atmospheric circulation. Planetary Rossby waves govern sudden stratospheric warmings, the Brewer-Dobson circulation and other phenomena in the stratosphere, while gravity waves are important in the mesosphere. Subject of this research theme are their medium-term effects in the middle atmosphere and the associated spatio-temporal variability of the circulation in the mesosphere / lower thermosphere.


The diagnosis of the impact of Rossby and gravity waves in simulations (for example from KMCM) is important, which implies the application and further development of tools like the Eliassen-Palm flux or simplified transport models. The joint evaluation of models with observations and analyses is undertaken to identify the relevant processes.

Recent publications

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  • Christoph Zülicke
  • Erich Becker
  • Axel Gabriel
  • Mikhailo Grygalashvyly
  • Vivien Matthias
  • Dieter H.W. Peters
  • Gerd R. Sonnemann