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Climatology of planetary waves seen in ionospheric F-region perturbations using TEC of GPS.

Principial investigator:

Prof. Dr. Christoph Jacobi
Universität Leipzig
Institut für Meteorologie
Stephanstr. 3
04103 Leipzig

Co investigator:


Regional maps of the vertical Total Electron Content (TEC) over the northern and southern hemisphere higher middle and polar latitudes that are regularly produced by DLR Neustrelitz will be investigated with respect to planetary waves (PW) in the period range of several days. The results will be validated using vertical electron density profiles obtained from ionosondes and from ionospheric radio occultation (IRO) GPS measurements onboard the German geoscience satellite CHAMP1. A climatology of PW in both hemispheres will be constructed and the hemispheric differences will be investi-gated. Numerical modelling of PW in the middle atmosphere will be performed using a simple circulation model, and the impact of tidal modulation on the penetration of PW effects into the thermosphere will be analysed to clarify its role in a possible connection of middle atmosphere-thermosphere-ionosphere planetary waves.