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Ionisation of the Middle Atmosphere by Energetic Particles.

Principial investigator:

Prof. Dr. May-Britt Kallenrode
Fachbereich Physik
Barbarastraße 7
49069 Osnabrück

Co investigator:



Energetic charged particles from different sources ionize the atmosphere and thus contribute to natural atmospheric variability. A climatology of the upper and middle atmosphere requires an elaborate description of particle effects on different temporal scales. Presently, a description of precipitating particle consequences relies heavily on numerical models. EISCAT provides the unique opportunity to test and refine these models and to develop a climatology of the atmosphere due to precipitating particles. Asides from the calibrations and extension of models this project attempts to establish a particle related climatology considering the large variability in particle events as well as magnetospheric conditions. Special attention will also be paid to a possible relation between precipitating particles and polar mesospheric summer echos (PMSEs). Within the Bündelantrag it is directly related to the projects of the University of Leipzig and the IAP.