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Models of solar total and spectral irradiance variability of relevance for climate studies

Principial investigator:

Prof. Dr. Justus Notholt
Universität Bremen
Institut für Umweltphysik
Otto-Hahn Allee 1
28359 Bremen

Co investigator:


The goal of this project is to measure changes in O3 and H2O in the stratosphere and mesosphere in the Arctic at Ny-Ålesund/Spitsbergen and the Tropics at Mérida/ Venezuela with special emphasis on the effects due to solar variability. These measurements will allow us to study the following scientific topics:

  • Measure the influence of the diurnal and seasonal variability of water vapour on the ozone chemistry in the tropics compared to the high Arctic.
  • Investigate the influence of UV variability compared to the influence of charged particles on ozone by comparisons of measurements at the two sites.
  • Estimate the vertical transport of mesospheric air downward into the upper and middle stratosphere
  • Assess the long-term impact of variations in water vapour concentrations on the stratospheric ozone chemistry in the Arctic and the Tropics.