Current information from the institute

Current issues from the institute's life:

  • Running news with information from science and technics, on people and their work
  • A press mirror gives a glimpse on the public reception of the institute
  • The Leibniz institutes in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern jointly publish a -  German-speaking - journal with own articles (Leibniz-Nordost).

Current information from the human resources office:

  • The IAP has several open positions for PhD students and graduate students (jobs).

Current observations and data:

  • Below Current radar observations we publish some automated Radar measurement results.
  • Two webcams on the roof of the institute building show you a view onto the Baltic Sea and the sea resort Kuehlungsborn (webcams). Automated digital cameras in entire Europe monitor the northern sky during summer to find noctilucent clouds.
  • An automated weather station at the roof of the institute measure pressure, temperature and wind.