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Dr. Nicholas Pedatella (NCAR, USA) Impact of Strong and Weak Polar Vortices on the Middle and Upper Atmospheres

Dr. Nicholas Pedatella (NCAR, USA) will deliver a talk in te IAP colloquium on the topic, "Impact of Strong and Weak Polar Vortices on the Middle and Upper Atmospheres".
The impact of strong and weak Northern Hemisphere stratospheric polar vortices on the  zonal mean and atmospheric tides in the mesosphere and lower thermosphere (MLT) which was investigated using Specified Dynamics Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model  with thermosphere-ionosphere eXtension (SD-WACCM-X) simulations and Aura Microwave  Limb Sounder (MLS) observations. The observed and simulated zonal mean anomalies during strong and weak vortices are in good agreement. Zonal mean and tidal anomalies during weak polar vortex events are consistent with those known to occur during sudden stratospheric warmings. Generally opposite, though weaker, anomalies are found to occur when the stratospheric polar vortex is strong. The most notable impact in the MLT is a reduction in the migrating semidiurnal tide of ∼25-35% during strong polar vortex times. The results demonstrate that, in addition to weak polar vortex events, a strong stratospheric polar vortex can also have an appreciable impact on the middle and upper atmosphere.