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New department head and professor

Prof. Claudia Stephan takes over the lead of the modelling department

Claudia Stephan was appointed as professor for Theoretical Atmospheric Physics at the University of Rostock and takes over the lead of the IAP department „Modelling of Atmospheric Processes“ from January 2024. She got her physics diploma at the University Bonn, earned her PhD at the University of Colorado in Boulder and, after a postdoc stay at the University of Reading, moved to the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg, where she led a Minerva Fast Track Research Group. Her working area is mesoscale dynamic meteorology. We are looking forward to working with her!

The Leibniz-Institute of Atmospheric Physics is one of the German main centers for Middle Atmosphere research and maintains active cooperations with several international research organizations. The institute is located near the Baltic Sea resort Kühlungsborn, owns a separate site on the island Rügen, and is a major partner of the ALOMAR observatory in northern Norway. As associated institute of the Rostock University it is part of the teaching programme in physics. A total of about 90 persons is employed at IAP. The institute realizes an equal-opportunity and family-friendly human resource policy and is certified with the audit "berufundfamilie"  ('career and family').

Contact: Director Prof. Claudia Stolle cstolle@_we_dont_like_spam_iap-kborn.de