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The sky is not the limit - Successful inaugural lecture at the University of Rostock

Inaugural lecture of Prof. Dr. Claudia Stolle met with great interest

On January 5, IAP Director Prof. Dr. Claudia Stolle gave her inaugural lecture at the University of Rostock. Under the title "How high does the atmosphere reach?" she vividly demonstrated what makes research at the frontier of space so special. She explained how the institute works, introduced the individual departments and explained the methods used by the scientists in Kühlungsborn to explore the difficult-to-access area between 50 and 150 kilometers in altitude. She also discussed the coupling processes between the individual atmospheric layers and the influence of Earth and space weather.

The mixed audience - students, researchers, staff and other interested parties - listened intently to the director's explanations. Can we find evidence of climate change in the atmosphere? What are gravity waves and what is their significance? What problems do satellite missions bring with them? - The participants asked interested questions, for which the expert took enough time. Afterwards, the visitors were invited to a reception. A big thank you to all participants!

The inaugural lecture was part of the master's program in physics in the specialization "Physics of the Ocean, Atmosphere and Space" at the University of Rostock. The series is implemented by the IAP in cooperation with the Institute of Physics, the Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde and the Institute for Solar Restic Physics of the DLR in Neustrelitz.