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1) Mesospheric clouds and related sciences, including noctilucent clouds (NLCs), polar mesospheric clouds (PMCs), and polar mesospheric summer echoes (PMSEs).

2) Measurements of these ice layers and related parameters by modern technologies such as lidars, radars, imagers, interferometers, spectrometers, rocket-borne sensors and satellite-borne instruments, e. g. on AIM.

3) Cloud microphysics and related laboratory studies and theoretical investigations.

4) Long term trends and solar cycle induced variations of ice layer related phenomena and the role of these ice layers for studying climate change in the middle atmosphere.

5) Neutral and ionized metal layers of meteoric origin and related parameters such as cosmic dust, meteors, meteoroids, meteorites, ablation physics etc.

6) The physics and application of airglow to study the thermal and dynamical structure in the mesopause region.

7) Using layered phenomena in the mesopause region as tracers to study gravity waves and turbulence.

8) Related atmospheric phenomena such as ionospheric layers, dynamic coupling between atmospheric layers, etc.

9) The presentation of observations, laboratory measurements, numerical modeling and theoretical studies are encouraged