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Travel support application

A limited amount of funding is available for travel support. Scientists from developing countries and students will have priority.

We appreciate your interest in LPMR-2017. In your application for travel support please provide the following information until 20 May 2017:

1) Brief vitae highlighting your science career

2) Affiliation

3) Status, e.g. PhD student, post-doc, lecturer

4) Current areas of scientific interest

5) Title of proposed presentation

6) What do you need the travel support for ? (flight, accommodation, registration fee, ...) Please indicate the minimum amount of support which would allow your participation.

Please note: if your travel support is accepted you will receive the payment in Kühlungsborn.

Please send your application to Mrs. Rosenthal.  ( Email: rosenthal@_we_dont_like_spam_iap-kborn.de )