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General Travel Information to Kühlungsborn

Bus shuttle service Rostock-Kühlungsborn:

  • We will provide a bus shuttle service from Rostock Main Railway Station to the hotels in Kühlungsborn at one specific departure time, 18:00 on Sunday (September, 17th 2017), see position of this IAP bus stop at the South Exit of Rostock Main Station in the travel map. Rostock Main Railway Station (Deutsche Bahn) is the stopover on the way to Kühlungsborn, and Rostock Main Railway Station is connected with the international airports of Berlin and Hamburg.
  • If the provided service on Sunday does not fit to your personal arrival times, you may take the public bus No. 121 (see bus schedule at http://www.rebus.de/index.php?p=fahrplan.php&fl=121&fr=1&fn=0&ft=so&fp=2  ). The bus stop (Rostock ZOB) is located nearby the Southeast Exit of Rostock Main Station (see travel map). Please notice that the last bus from Rostock that arrives at Ostseebad Kühlungsborn Ost leaves at 23:05 LT from Rostock ZOB.
  • Alternatively, you may take a taxi from Rostock to Kühlungsborn, which will cost about 50-60 Euro.
  • We will also provide a bus shuttle service to Rostock at the end of the workshop on Friday afternoon. Detailed departure times (from hotels or IAP) will be given during the workshop. We will try to take into consideration all personal requirements of every participant. 

Interconnections Hamburg/Berlin Airports – Rostock:

We recommend to use the German railway (DB - Deutsche Bahn) from Hamburg or Berlin to Rostock Main Station (Rostock Hbf). The closest airports are Hamburg (HAM), Berlin Tegel (TXL) and Berlin Schönefeld (SXF). We recommend to fly into one of these airports.

Below we prepared detailed travel plans for all three recommended airports as well as all necessary LPMR-2017 travel maps.

A list of recommended travel plans for Hamburg Airport and Berlin Airports (Tegel, Schönefeld) you can find here:

If you arrive at Berlin SFX/TXL Airports we recommend to use the following DB-connections to Rostock. These Inter City Trains are the fastest and most comfortable way to travel to Rostock Main Station. 

PDF arrival at Berlin Schönefeld SFX
PDF arrival at Berlin Tegel TXL

If you arrive at Hamburg Airport we recommend to use the following DB-connections.

PDF arrival Hamburg Airport

Information about the airport can be found at

Hamburg Airport
Berlin Airports

Information about Deutsche Bahn (German Railways) you get here


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