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Detailed information see below at "MMR Agenda 10.05.2016"!

Meteor radar has been a fundamental tool for probing the upper atmosphere and understanding the source of extraterrestrial materials entering the Earth system. Both all-sky and narrow beam monostatic radar systems have been used for such studies. Additionally all-sky systems are sometimes supplemented with additional receivers located within a few kilometers of the transmitter to calculate meteor trajectories. With recent advances in software defined receiver systems in addition to GPS disciplined oscillators, it is now possible to envision large regional mesoscale networks of multistatic meteor radar systems to conduct aeronomical and astronomical research. The purpose of this workshop is to discuss the current state of the art in meteor radar technology and consider how this technology can be utilized for advancing the understanding of the upper atmosphere dynamics and the extraterrestrial materials entering the Earth system. The 3-day workshop is by invitation only and will be limited to a small group of key researchers (∼30 people) providing an opportunity for dynamic interactions and discussions on emerging technologies and open scientific questions that can be addressed with these new systems.

MMR Agenda 10.05.2016