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Please make your reservation with one of the hotels (see our list) as soon as possible. We cannot do this for you. Note that reservations can be canceled without any costs up until August 20.


Reservations are made with special rates at some hotels (keyword: "trend"):

Name of the hotelWeb linkPriceContact personTel./E-mail
Hotel am Strandwww.hotel-am-strand.de75€Frau Kühn038293-800
Hotel Edisonwww.hotel-edison.de93€Frau Florkowski038293-420
Schloss am Meerhttps://www.hotel-schloss-am-meer.de/120€Frau Glatzel038293-43790
Holiday flat Schaumburg  (Tannenstraße 5b)http://www.die-schaumburg.de55€ to 60€Frau Kriesen038293-60660, 01603372400
Hotel Polarsternhttp://www.polar-stern.com75€ to 100€Frau Kurbjuhn038293-8290,
Accommodation bureauhttp://www.kuehlungsborn.de/en.html Frau Voigt038293-84948,