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Travel support application

A limited amount of funding is available for travel support. Scientists from developing countries and students will have priority.

We appreciate your interest in Trends2016. In your application for travel support please provide the following information until 20 May 2016:

1) Brief vitae highlighting your science career

2) Affiliation

3) Status, e.g. PhD student, post-doc, lecturer

4) Current areas of scientific interest

5) Title of proposed presentation

6) What do you need the travel support for ? (flight, accommodation, registration fee, ...) Please indicate the minimum amount of support which would allow your participation.

Please note: if your travel support is accepted you will receive the payment in Kühlungsborn.

Please send your application to Mrs. Rosenthal.  ( Email: rosenthal@_we_dont_like_spam_iap-kborn.de )