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The Andenes MF radar

69.27°N, 16.04°E



The Andenes-MF-radar on Andøya operates at 1.98 MHz with a peak power of 50 kW.  27 µs long electromagnetic pulses are vertically transmitted into the ionosphere via a transmitting antenna. These pulses are partially reflected at irregularities of the refractive index and are received by three spatially separated receiving antennas. From the three received data series the mesospheric wind field is derived by a correlation method (Spaced Antenna Method, SA) after elimination of disturbances caused by foreign radio transmitters.

Based on half hourly wind values for each day the prevailing wind components (zonal and meridional winds) and the 12h and 24h tidal components are estimated.

Technical Parameters

  • Frequency: 1,98 MHz
  • Peak power: 50 kW
  • Pulse width:27 µs
  • Pulse form: Gauss
  • Range resolution: 4 km
  • Transmitting antenna: 4 circular polarized half-wave dipoles
  • Receiving antenna: 3 crossed half-wave dipoles, circular polarized