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Prof. Noora Partamies (UNIS, Svalbard) "Ground-based observations of pulsating aurora"

Prof. Noora Partamies (UNIS, Svalbard) will deliver a talk on the topic, "Ground-based observations of pulsating aurora" in IAP colloquium on 5th May, 2022.
She will talk on the topic highlighting how Pulsating aurora (PsA) is a scene of irregular shapes of weak emission, which quasi-periodically flick between bright and dim states. PsA occurs predominantly in the local magnetic morning sector and during substorm recovery phases. PsA is known to associate with high-energy electron precipitation from the radiation belt region. As the precipitating electron energies may reach some 100 keV, strong ionisation may be observed down to the bottom of the D region ionosphere. Consequently, chemical changes can be seen in the neutral atmosphere at the mesospheric heights. Because PsA is common, wide-spread and long-lasting, as compared to many other types of aurora, it is important to better determine its atmospheric impact. her presentation will introduce some key findings of the work characterising the PsA precipitation, and discuss the atmospheric effects of PsA based on recent atmospheric modelling efforts.