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Dr. Michael Strotkamp (Fraunhofer ILT) Rugged, versatile diode-pumped Alexandrite lasers for Doppler resonance lidars

Dr. Michael Strotkamp (Fraunhofer ILT) will deliver a talk on the topic, "Rugged, versatile diode-pumped Alexandrite lasers for Doppler resonance lidars" in IAP colloquium on 10th Nov 2022.
In his talk he will shed light on the topic in detail and talk about the collaborating work over the last ten years, where Fraunhofer ILT developed in close cooperation with Leibniz IAP a novel laser technology for Doppler resonance lidars based on diode-pumped Alexandrite lasers. Starting with the question if it is possible at all to change from flashlamp- to diode-pumping to raise the efficiency and lifetime, now the fourth prototype is installed in novel VAHCOLI system from IAP. The latest version yields the same average power as the old mobile lidar system but has 200x higher efficiency is 50x more compact and demonstrated its reliability in a first field campaign.
After that very successful milestone two new projects will start next year, where one will focus on further development to a daylight-capable lidar array and the other one will prepare the technology transfer to regional industry.